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Allow me to assist your organization in being efficient with their financial processes, strong with their internal controls and sharp in their decision-making ability.

How much time will we need to allocate training you once onboard?2019-09-12T00:34:22+00:00

The quick answer is as little as possible or desired and that’s it! The beauty with Truog Consulting is that I offer the type of background where I should be able to hit the ground running at your organization. A quick layout of where files may be located or the organizational structure, and off I go.

Are your price and length of contracts open for discussion?2019-09-12T00:33:54+00:00

Absolutely, I will work with you to determine the deliverables for and the scope of the work you need to be performed and then discuss a length and time and pricing schedule that works for you. I can assist you a few hours a week, a month at a time or for a specific project only.

Why Truog Consulting over other options?2019-09-12T00:33:28+00:00

My 17 years of experience across industries, positions, and locations, offers a unique blend of skills that is difficult to find in Alaska and available on an interim basis. I’ve worked with a wide range of accounting and financial software, in large structured organizations and small tightly-knit organizational cultures. I have a proven track record of acclimating myself to the people and personalities within an organization and picking up the responsibilities quickly, which allows for you to worry about your responsibilities as opposed to getting a contractor up to speed.

Why use a contractor or interim-based services?2019-09-12T00:33:00+00:00

If time is of the essence on a project, or tight deadlines are looming over your monthly business processes, you don’t have the time to wait until you find the right candidate and then train that individual. Truog Consulting allows you to bridge that gap between when deadlines are due and full-time hires are up to speed. Bring me in when needed and nothing more and let me hit the ground running.

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